Learning to play together. Playing to learn together.
Learning to play together. Playing to learn together.

Opening Hours & Fees

We are open Monday - Friday and are a TERM TIME ONLY Pre-School.




 Morning Session 9.00am - 12.00pm  £16.50
 Lunch Club (Parent provides child's packed lunch) 12.00pm - 1.00pm  £5.50
 Afternoon Session 1.00pm - 4.00pm 




Late Pick up Fee (Unless you have arranged it with Manager/Emergency)

Morning session - if pick up is after 12pm


after 1pm lunchpick up


Afternoon session - if pick up is after 4pm








From the 2nd September 2024 our prices will increase to £5.50 per hour ( see above)

This is necessary for our sustainablity due to the ever rising costs.


**All parents still need to pay if their child is not in on their days booked as this holds their place.**




Policy: Late Collection and Late Payment Fee:


Statement of Intent:

It is our intention that children are collected on time and fees are paid promptly.



Where possible children are to be collected at the correct times. This is to ensure that the structure and routine of the pre-school flow smoothly.

If a parent is late when picking up at 12, this then affects staff going late for their lunch, which then impacts on them coming back and being late for the afternoon session. It’s a domino affect which is why it is very important parents arrive on time.


Of course, we understand that emergencies occur and if this should be the case parents/carers must inform the pre-school as soon as possible that they have been delayed.


However, if parents are continuously late, they will be charged a late payment fee as follows:


£10 after 12pm

£10 after 1pm (after lunch collection)


£10 after 4pm


Any child picked up after 4:30pm you will be charged £25 as we are not covered by our insurance as I have to have 2 members of staff for 1 child and could potentially become a child protection issue.



This policy was updated on 31st August 2021 by Anne Marie Glancy.

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