Learning to play together. Playing to learn together.
Learning to play together. Playing to learn together.

The Brush Bus Campaign

We were delighted to start brushing our teeth again in September 2021 after having to stop it during the pandemic.

We are part of the brush bus campaign, which is a government funded campaign to improve the health of children's teeth.
We should all be brushing are teeth twice a day and research has shown that the brush parents struggle with most is the morning brush. So the brush bus campaign provides pre-schools with 'buses' (toothbrush holders) filled with tooth brushes for the children to use to brush their teeth.


Therefore all children who attend the morning sessions are provided with their own, labelled, toothbrush, which is sanitised after each use, and brush their teeth every morning. 

We have found the brush bus campaign to be a big success in our pre-school. The children enjoy brushing their teeth in small groups with their friends, led by a member of staff, as they arrive in the morning.

We also have regular visits from our local dental hygienist who comes in and provides fun sessions on how and why we brush our teeth with the children. They recently visited us in May 2024.

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