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Learning to play together. Playing to learn together.
Learning to play together. Playing to learn together.

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Dear Parents,


I hope you all had a lovely summer. A huge thank for all our lovely cards, flowers and gifts, we are truly grateful.

A very warm welcome to all our new families. We will work with you to provide the highest standard of care and education for your precious children. We have an open-door policy, (except during the busy lunch time period), so feel free to come in and talk to us if you have any queries or concerns.


30 Hour Funding:

If you work for more than 16 hours a week and think you may be eligible for the additional funding, please go to the following website and apply;  If you are still unsure or have any questions please speak to Gill or myself. Funding is paid the term after the child’s birthday.

If you are in receipt of the extra funding, please ensure that you update your claim every 3 months; (from when you first applied even if your child hasn’t starting using it yet. You should receive a reminder from HMRC and we will also try to remind you as well.


Late Payments/Late collection of children:

Thankfully most of our parents pay their fees on time, unfortunately last year some were continually late. We do have a late payment policy which states that a charge of £4.00 for every day that the payment is late. I have never enforced this policy before, so if you are experiencing difficulties please come and speak to Gill or myself. Fees must be paid in advance unless otherwise arranged and are due even if your child is absent due to sickness or on holiday.

Children should be collected on time, obviously we understand that emergencies occur but you must phone to let us know, on the above mobile number. Unfortunately, consistent lateness will incur charges.


As the children are preparing to go to school, it is really important to bring them in at the correct times.

We understand that many parents drop off siblings to school first, if this is the case, please try to be here for 9.30 am to enable children to participate at carpet time, which is very good preparation for school.  Also at lunch time, especially if children have food which needs to be warmed up first. Staff also need to have their lunch breaks and we must adhere to strict staff/child ratios.


Please clearly label all your children’s belongings especially bags, coats and lunch boxes.


Hats and sun cream:

Please ensure that your child has sun cream applied prior to coming into pre-school and we will top up as and when necessary. Also, really important that your child has a sun hat. In really hot weather children without sun hats will not be able to go outside, this is in line with schools and Health & Safety Procedures.


We do have uniforms for sale including hats: please ask a member of staff.

Nut Free Environment:  Please ensure that lunches and snacks are completely nut free.


Topic for this half term: Understanding the World- Life cycle of Living Things:

We will be exploring animals, plants and humans and how we grow and develop. This will include butterflies, frogs, dogs, birds, babies and plants. The children will be able to watch live the different stages of the butterfly cycle; from egg, caterpillar, chrysalis (pupa) to adult butterfly. If you have any books or ideas about this topic, please let us know.


Many thanks and best wishes. Anne Marie. Our Lady’s Pre-School Manager.



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