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Learning to play together. Playing to learn together.


Parents feedback

SEND Information Report

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Our Lady’s Pre-School


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312 High Street, St Mary Cray, Orpington, Kent. BR5 4AR





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Name of SENCo

Hannah Paton

Confirmation that parents and other people working with the setting have been involved with the writing of this document




1  How will the setting help my child to settle in?

When parents/carers visit our pre-school we always give them unlimited time to talk about their child’s individual needs, likes and dislikes and their routines at home and whether there are any concerns or additional needs that their child will require extra support and help with.

We go through the registration form with them to ascertain if there are any allergies/ cultural or religious dietary requirements; their child’s toileting or nappy changing routine etc.

Registration information asks for details about other professionals involved such as speech therapist or paediatrician and any other EYFS provider that the child is known to i.e if the child attends another pre-school. Enrolment information is collected well in advance of child starting and makes clear that staff need to know about medical issues especially if this has implications for staff training ((which may otherwise delay the child starting to attend).

We explain that the settling-in process is unique to each child and that we work in partnership with the parents/carers as they know their child best. This will always reflect the age and understanding of their child.


We take children from the age of two years old and sometimes they can take a little longer to settle than some of the older children. The child’s allocated key person will introduce her/himself to the parents/carers and if they are already being seen by another agency e.g. Speech & Language, Phoenix Children’s Centre, we will take all the information and reports that the parents provide and working with this information will discuss with our Senco an Individual Education Plan, adapted specifically for their child.


The importance of the role of the key person is vital to help ensure that the child’s care is tailored to meet their individual needs and to help him/her become familiar with the setting; offer a settled relationship for the child and build a relationship with their parents.

Parents/carers are offered the option of bringing something from home which gives the child comfort and security e.g. blanket, toy, cup/bottle.  We also discuss if they would like their child to come in for just one hour to start with, then gradually increase the time as the child feels more settled and secure. Parents will not be charged until their child attends for a full session.


2  What is the setting’s approach to supporting different children’s needs and how will that help my child?

  • The Code of Practice and Early Years.


  • We provide an environment in which all children with special educational needs are included and supported to reach their full potential by adapting the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum to meet their own individual needs.
  • We use the graduated approach system (assess, plan, do and review) applied in increasing detail and review of their child’s special education including all decision making processes.
  • Our SENCO (Special Needs Co-ordinator) works closely with our manager, the child’s key person and all other members of staff, as well as outside agencies e.g. the area SENCo, Speech & Language, Health visitors, paediatricians and the Phoenix Children’s Centre.
  • The provision of SEN is the responsibility of all members of the setting, who work closely with our SENCo and the child’s key person. Lots of help and support will be given on a daily basis and if we believe that additional support would be beneficial to the child we will apply to the local authority.
  • Our SENCo will put an Individual Education Plan in place to aid additional support and to set small targets to further promote the child’s progress. Parents/carers will be fully involved during this process and their signature will be asked for.



3 Who can I contact for further information within the setting?


The manager is onsite at Our Lady’s Pre-School and is fully involved in the day to day running of the setting and always makes time to see parents and discuss any concerns they may have.

We have an open-door policy where parents/carers are welcome to come in at any time, either for a chat or to discuss something more specific or to view their child’s folder.


(please note that during Covid 19 lockdowns and restrictions, parents can only gain access to the pre-school by appointment and by adhering to our following Policy)

Policy for Visitors to Our Lady’s Pre-School during Covid19 Restrictions:


Visitors/other professionals to the setting, including parents who may need to speak confidentially to the manager or their child’s key person are asked to wear a face mask, have their temperature taken by a contactless thermometer, use provided hand sanitiser and adhere to social distancing. The meeting room is large enough to accommodate social distancing and will be sanitised beforehand and afterwards.

Visitors/parents will be asked to sign and date this policy.




Our SENCo Hannah Paton is onsite Monday to Thursday and can contacted by visiting or phoning the pre-school mobile.


4 How accessible are the setting’s indoor and outdoor environments?

The hall in which we operate is relatively new, therefore very modern with easy wheelchair access via a ramp to one of the main doors. It has a disabled toilet and nappy changing facilities. The underfloor heating keeps it constantly warm. The large outside carpark is secured and sectioned off with portable fencing to allow the children a large area to play in. It also has designated disabled parking right outside the hall.


Specialised equipment/resources have been purchased specifically with children with special educational needs in mind and some has been designed within the pre-school, Eg Sensory boxes, egg timers; (different sizes, colours and length of time). Some of the egg timers are filled with sand and some have gel inside. Large and small visual timetables with photos of the individual child. Dark den with various lights and items with different textures. Large sensory boards. Makaton boards. Free flow crafts for self-expression and adult directed crafts to promote inclusion.

Over-ratio of staff to offer extra time and support to all children especially those who are in most need.

As part of carpet time, staff teach the children some of the Makaton signs to help them to communicate with children who have speech or language difficulties, therefore encouraging all children to participate at carpet time.


When parents/carers first register their child and where English is an additional language we ask them to write some typical words in their home language that the child uses, we also ask for their help in pronouncing the words correctly.


5 What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by the setting?

At Our Lady’s Pre-School we liaise and work with other external agencies to help improve outcomes for children with special educational needs.

We have systems in place for referring children for further assessment e.g. Common Assessment Framework/Speech & Language, Health & Care assessment.

We work with Speech & Language, Social Care, Health visitors, Specialist Outreach Officers, Community Nurses. Paediatricians and Child Psychologists; whoever can offer help and support to meet the child’s individual needs.

Our SENCo is allocated additional time to work with children whether on a one-to-one basis or in a small group situation to further enhance their learning potential.


6 How does the setting know if children need extra help?

  • Discussion with parent’s/carers at registration.
  • 6 week settling in period and feedback from parents.
  • Key person spending one-to-one time with child.
  • Observations on child from different staff members as well as key person.
  • Planning. Assessments. Evaluations.
  • Involving SENCo.
  • Staff meeting reviews.


  1. How will I be involved in my child’s learning and  overall wellbeing?

We ensure that parents are involved at all stages of the assessment, planning, provision and review of their children’s special education including all decision making process.

This is achieved by:

  • We support and involve parents (and where relevant children), actively listening to and acting on their wishes and concerns.
  • Inviting parents to help within the pre-school. (not while Covid restrictions are in place)
  • Open door policy: for parents to come and discuss their children’s care, education and progress at any time. (not while Covid restrictions are in place for the open door policy) but parents can speak to the manager or any staff member at any time by following the Visitor’s Policy)


  • Providing parents with information on local sources of support eg Bromley Children Project; which offer a wide range of support and advice.
  • Discussing and explaining the Individual Education Plan.
  • Regular contact between home and pre-school.
  • Working in unison at home and in pre-school on aims set by Senco/Speech & Language and/or any other external agencies involved with their child.


8  What training and experience have staff had in supporting children with SEND?

We ensure that all staff are aware of our ‘Supporting Children with Special Educational Needs Policy’ and the procedures for identifying, assessing and making provision for these children through training and staff meetings.

  • Our Senco has attended SEND Conferences.
  • The Role of Senco.
  • Disability Awareness.
  • Autism.
  • Medical Needs & Epilepsy.
  • Makaton training.
  • Supporting children with SEND in early years setting. 
  • SEND Code of Practice.
  • Speech, Language & Communication.
  • Supporting Early Language Development.
  • Effective Safeguarding Practise.


All staff are encouraged to go on any training which will further enhance their Knowledge and Understanding of meeting the needs of children with special educational needs and to help and  support them to reach their full potential.


9  How will the setting support my child at times of change, for example moving rooms or age groups, to a new setting or onto school?

If a child leaves to attend another setting or to attend primary school the key person completes a transition form covering all areas of development, which they go through with the parents and pre-school manager. The parents will be asked to sign it.


The manager will then arrange with the parents a transition meeting at the new school/setting, to talk to the new teacher, Senco, family worker and possibly the Head teacher about the child’s individual needs and progress. (this will be in line with Government Covid 19 guidelines and procedures)

This will give them the information needed to put in place strategies to help and support the child during the transition period.


If the child is moving away from the area the parents will be given the transition form to take to their child’s new school/setting.



Feedback from parents and carers:


This report is very accurate and a perfect way to explain what our Lady’s pre-school provides for children with special needs and their families. The manager is on hand for any parent or family member to speak to at any time. I felt that I could speak to any member of staff in regards to my daughter’s development and progress and it was dealt with professionally and sensitively.

Hannah ( parent ) .


I strongly agree with this report and couldn’t be happier to leave my little boy in Our Lady’s setting knowing he will always get the support and encouragement he might need or want. All staff are very approachable and I feel I can talk to them about any worries or concerns I may have with my little boy and they will be dealt with in a professional manor. The manager gets involved in helping children learn and my little boy has come on leaps and bounds since starting at Our Lady’s pre-school.

Shannon (parent)


Provider Response to feedback:


I am extremely happy with the parent’s feedback



Date first published :08/12/17

Date of next review: Reviewed & Updated on 18/05/2021

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